MTP (Abortion Center)

Abortion is a stigmatized word which invokes deep-seated emotions. It has both physical and emotional consequences for a woman undergoing the procedure. It is a sensitive issue and the reasons why a woman needs to undergo abortion or has to undergo an abortion is best known to herself. The legal guidelines in India allow medical termination of pregnancy or abortion up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion can be classified as first trimester ( up to 12 weeks ) or second trimester ( up to 20 weeks ).

Abortion Law In India

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy bill was passed by both houses of Parliament and received the assent of President of India on 10th August 1971. This law guarantees the Right of Indian women to terminate their unintended pregnancies by a registered medical practitioner in a hospital maintained or established by a Government or place recognized in the Act by the Government.

Shree Maternity & Nursing Home is a government-approved Abortion center